Let Us Pray

Prayer is two-way communication with God. It involves conscious thinking and listening, and calm stillness to connect with God in profound ways. On this Prayer Page we provide articles and sample prayers to aid you in establishing and deepening your personal connection to God through prayer and meditation.

How Do I Pray, What Do I Say?


There are a lot of folks who do not have experience with prayer. They don’t know God or how to talk to God. With the wide variety of religions around us they may be tempted to wonder which one is right before making a choice. From the position of a Christ-follower I enjoy and am grateful for Jesus’ teaching of God as one who knows us personally, who desires and offers us personal relationship. I am awed by a God who shows such respect to human beings.

From this perspective the following example is based on an open relationship with God and follows a simple three step format: P – A – D:

P:        Praise/Proclaim;      Give thanks, proclaim faith, Give Glory to God.

A:        Admit/Ask;               Admit faults; Ask for needs; Draw close to God with honesty.

D:        Declare:                    Declare your part in where you will go from here.


The Prayer

Dear God, I don’t know why or how you came up with the idea of “January Thaw” but I do want to say “Thanks, It’s pretty cool!” I really enjoyed getting out in the warm air and felt renewed.

I admit I haven’t always understood you, what you do or why. I seem to always have questions and needful situations. There is always something I want or need or others I am concerned about. But then you are God! There is nothing you don’t know or can’t do. Please help me stop limiting you to my frailty or boundaries. Instead teach me and guide me and help me walk trusting you and, unbound, confident of your love, goodness, and promise.

I know winter is coming back, with its snow and cold. But we’ll make it through. I have lots to do and I’ll face it and do it with you in my heart and on my mind. I want to live a little more with faith and courage, with strength and confidence, hope and joy. Because beyond the winter comes spring and summer and fellowship with you the whole year through. Thank you, Lord! Amen.*


* “Amen” is an historic prayer ending word. It generally means: “So Be It!”

Children's Bedtime Prayer

When my kids were young their mother and I wanted to get them started early with their relationship with God and Christ Jesus. We thought of the “Now I lay me down to sleep…” but we didn’t like the part about dying and soul taking. It may have had power and comfort when the child mortality rate was high but in our day the needs are different. So we changed and over time added to it.


            Now I lay me down to sleep

            I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

            Stay with me til I awake

            And all bad dreams your grace forsake.

            God bless Mommy and Daddy, brother(s)/sister(s) and me;

            God bless Grandma and Grandpa (last name)and MeMa and Pap-Pap (last name);

            And God bless (other close family members), and all our family everywhere.


            We thank you for today…and all the fun we had….and all the things we learned.

            We thank you most of all for baby Jesus, who loves us & teaches us how to be good.

            Please help us all to have a good night tonight, sleep tight, have sweet dreams,

            And to wake up strong & happy & healthy to have another wonderful day with you.

            In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.



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