Worship is essential to a spiritual life of quality. Worship can be experienced and expressed in many ways. Way Stations Ministries provides an expanding array of worship and spiritual growth experiences in person and online

MP3 Worship Messages

Pastor Greg Spencer is an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church. His weekly worship messages (sermons) are recorded, archived, and posted for you to listen and/or download.  Click here for the archives.

Spiritual Retreats

A weekend getaway with a group of people to rest and relax, refresh and renew, to learn and grow in a spiritually healthy and encouraging environment.

Sunset Worship Experiences

2016 will be the second year in which brief spiritual experiences will be provided at sunset, on the beach at Presque Isle State Park (in Erie, PA). Here we couple the natural inspiration and beauty of the setting sun with the comfort and grace of God to bless our lives. These services occur Sunday evenings to conclude the weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

Way Stations Ministries on YouTube

Where and when possible we will post videos of concerts, events & worship experiences and bible teaching on the Way Stations Ministries page on YouTube.  



Greg Spencer:
Telephone:    724-858-5587
Mailing Address:
   Way Stations Ministries
   126 Elbrook Drive
   Natrona Heights, PA 15065


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