"Wording Ain't Working"

What’s up with today’s leaders? Maybe it is true in every generation but currently have you noticed:

1. Their top value is image.

2. They read up on trends and then try to get in front to look like they are leading.

3. They seem to be intimidated by hard work and real leaders.

4. They promote mediocrity and eliminate excellence.

5. They seem to think if they “say it” all the people will love it, jump up, and do it.

Where did they learn this stuff? How could they not realize what human dynamics are truly like? Do they know how their pursuit of popularity or fame, their self-serving power, wielding and cronyism is self-defeating?

In Washington they seem to be standing for what they think is important but are willing to let the nation suffer. Perhaps they fear whatever compromise they make will cost them in the next election rather than realize their inability to govern costs them respect. After all we hear them plan for ten years and most common folk know we would be lucky if such plans last more than one or two.

In businesses and administration the pursuit of power and the forgetting or disregarding of purpose costs them esteem and regard. Not to their faces of course, but institutional support wanes so that the institution dies.

Work is what saves. Far more than words, hard work is what makes the difference. It takes conviction, courage, and sacrifice to make the changes needed, to stay on course, to turn the decline around, to restore well-being and hope. In short, it takes something far greater than ourselves, a belief, a trust, a vision, and a commitment to purpose, value and worth above the cost. When you think about it the transformation comes not from the boardroom but from the line. It is not the planners but the doers who make the difference. And it is the true and genuine that we trust far more than words. What matters is authenticity, hard work, good values, and true devotion. And these qualities do not come from the top. They come from the heart. They come from the common and from the family, not the famous. And when you think about it there are a lot of “famous” we would rather not call role models, whereas there are a lot of genuine hardworking and genuine folks in our lives who we cherish and emulate for their quality.

So work above words, heart above hardship, vision and devotion these are the traits ot transformation.



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