"The Ministry of the Usher" = Worship Providers Tips

The usher is an essential player in the conduct of the worship experience. In order to help people have a peak experience it is vital that the persons to assume the role invest themselves spiritually and emotionally as well as physically to this ministry. Too often in churches Ushers think they just manage the collection of the offering. But that is merely one physical element. It is a task. But what is the ministry?

The ministry of the usher is to enable persons to navigate their way around the grounds, find their way to essential rooms and resources, and to worship effectively. What is required in the usher is a heart for people and a desire, drive, and thoughtfulness to help people have the best experience possible when they come to the worship or program experience. Think of people first. For example Ushers do not “take the offering”. Instead they provide each person in the congregation the opportunity to respond to God’s grace in their lives in the experience of the offering and sharing together, the sacraments, and the reassurance that any situation can and will be effectively and professionally handled.

Tasks for the Usher team include: Traffic Control, Parking Guidance, Facility and Worship Space Preparation, Information and Assistance to persons without and within the facility, emergency management and response, Security, and of course the receipt and storage of worship offerings.

But the key is people working with people. Service Personnel taking pride in providing the best service to insure the best experience for the most wonderful people in the world, those who come to worship with you.

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