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20221122 Way Stations Devo

20221122 Way Stations Devo
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Dear Visitor,

Good Morning!

(A wish for refreshment, newness opportunity, potential, hope and confidence, for you)!


I hope you will join us in person or online for this evening's session of Steamworks Spirit Station at 7:00 PM. in person at Steamworks Creative Listening Room, Gibsonia, PA, or on Facebook LIVE.

Tonight's musical guest is Ms. Karen Groll.

My spiritual message is about the holidays/Holy Days, coming at just the right time.


Here is today's thought for your consideration and our devotion.


Best wishes and hopes for you all to enjoy a most Happy Thanksgiving!



Grace, Good Health, Wisdom, Hope, Love, Joy and Peace,


Greg Spencer,

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November 22, 2022  |  WSM Email Devotion    By Greg Spencer © 2022 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

“So God created humans in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27)


How awesome, inspiring, humbling, wondrous and exciting it is to contemplate, how God created us “in God’s image and likeness”! (And we are talking about more than physical appearances here).


We would do well to remember ALL PERSONS are so designed and created. At the very center of our being we are all connected. So, when the family gathers for Thanksgiving, all are precious, diverse, yet together, individual, yet bonded by earthly and heavenly love. Let nothing bring down, rather, let all we say and do lift up, and help all to enjoy fully the gift of the holiday and the fullness of our lives.


Let us also remember and give thanks that God is with us, every one, all the time; and is giving blessing both visible and invisible. (Let us not disrespect God or each other, with division, judgment, anger, hate, or arrogance. It is usually true, that which we give is that which we get.)


Let us pray for those in difficult circumstances with love and compassion, kindness and grace. And let us do our part for all to feel welcome, respected, affirmed and loved by God and us. Let us, together, heal the hurts, bind the wounds, and restore our nation, vision and positive future, “one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all.” Let us make this holiday great, with faith, hope, love, peace, and joy!


Happy Thanksgiving to all! To us, in us, and through us, every one!

Praise the Lord!


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