20160416 Way Stations Devo

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Dear Visitor,

Sometimes it seems noble to make little of ourselves. We want to avoid vanity or pride. But minimizing ourselves, doing the opposite could be a form of reverse pride. In any event it makes us and those around us miserable and helpless. Life and friendship is supposed to be more and better than that!

True humility accepts itself honestly, cares for others generously, recognizes and enjoys life fully, and multiplies blessings abundantly.

I don't know why we so often work so hard at things that bring the opposite of our hope. I don't know why we can't see how much more effective, and often easier, the spiritual path provides. I think it has something to do with our egos. Presuming we are right we do all we can to make the world fit into our presumption. But all we get for all that effort is pain and weariness. It doesn't have to be as hard as we make it. Perhaps you have heard the advice: "Let go, Let God".

Perhaps, instead of looking at the empty glass, we could gaze at the glass, thank the one who brought it, enjoy all that is around it, see the love for us in giving it, appreciate the gift of it, and before we know it, find it full to overflowing, and take a drink. 

Grace and Peace,


Greg Spencer, greg@waystationsministries.org


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April 16, 2016  |  WSM Email Devotion    By Greg Spencer © 2016 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

In good spiritual community each is concerned about all. All give, share & care and all receive. All are precious, none are worthless.

Have you noticed, the more we focus on ourselves the more isolated and less happy we become? Conversely, the more we care for others, the more we belong, matter & appreciate. To be spiritual is to live by a different set of values & with a warmer, richer heart.

Do not discount your worth or contribution. Don't devalue the difference you make. Don't miss the gifts God is pouring out to you, or the many ways they are coming.

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