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A long time ago, almost a whole generation in the USA dreamed of retiring early. They thought “the good life” was a season in which we would just relax and enjoy. Unfortunately, many of those that actually made that choice discovered the less involved they were the less happy they became. They lost their sense of purpose and meaning. They had to re-learn and re-establish values.

Today, many are those who plan to work beyond what used to be called “retirement age: 65”. It is not uncommon to find people working well into their seventies, living longer, healthier, and happier.

I still love the little nugget of philosophy I learned from the comic character “Ziggy” who learned “Life is doing stuff…as opposed to death, which is not doing stuff.”

Perhaps the best quality of life, as God designs it, is the opposite of that which a consumerist culture idolizes. At least it is worth considering.


Grace and Peace,



Greg Spencer, greg@waystationsministries.org


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March 20, 2019  |  WSM Email Devotion    By Greg Spencer © 2018 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


So many in our world suffer from the sixth deadly sin: Sloth. Why do people work so hard to avoid work? Why so lazy, and threaten health with inactivity? The less we do the more unhappy we end up.

God gifts us with remarkable abilities to live, succeed and enjoy. The more active and engaged we are in living, the healthier, happier, and hopeful we are. The more we contribute, the better our relationships. Why destroy ourselves doing nothing, when we can live well and forever, with joy?

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