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Introduction: The Tai Chi Approach to the leg swing differs from the Karate style in that it is gentle, focuses upon balance and breathing. As in other Tai Chi exercises and techniques exhale on the exertion, inhale on rest/return. Keep movements and transitions slow and smooth. As leg swings keep the trunk of the body still (do not let momentum cause the body to rotate or lose balance.

The Exercise: 

1. Start standing straight, feet side by side, hands at your side.         (Figure 1)

      TC LS 1

2. Swing the right leg forward and up with knee bent.                         (Figure 2)

       TC LS 2

3. Swing the right leg back past the left leg and up to the rear.           (Figure 3)

      TC LS 3

NOTE: In Tai Chi form the movement is continuous. DO NOT stress height over form. Swing the leg gently so as NOT to lose balance. Increase range and height over time and many repetitions. Good technique prepares for subsequent action, losing balance interferes with effectiveness.